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Bad Back? Do not worry, we can help you

We understand life can be busy and hard enough without pain, injury and immobility slowing you down. It is our job, through treatment and advice, to get you back to the healthiest, happiest, pain free you. 


About Us

We pride ourselves in providing individual & appropriate care for each & every patient who comes to our clinic

Osteopaths in Atherstone


We are passionate about working with you to understand why your body has moved from a state of health into a state of disease, which often presents as pain.

The clinic aims to support patients by offering treatment, advice and information, helping you return to and achieve a healthier, pain free you. By providing you with the understanding and awareness you need, and reducing the likelihood of you developing further problems in the future.

Each patient is given the time they need during the consultation to fully understand their problem and receive the appropriate treatment for them.

We use touch, physical manipulation, stretching and massage to increase the mobility of joints, relieve muscle tension, enhance blood flow to aid your body’s own healing mechanisms. This may also be accompanied by individually tailored advice and support with exercise, posture, stress, nutrition and daily habits to promote health and prevent your symptoms reoccurring.

Osteopaths are trained to screen for medical conditions and there are occasions when Osteopathic treatment may not be appropriate. In these cases, your Osteopath may refer you back to the GP for further investigation or tests if necessary.

Meet our Team


Atherstone Active Therapy Clinic Andy Ho

Andy has been trained to use western medical acupuncture, under consultant physician Dr Anthony Campbell from the Royal London Hospital.  It is different from the traditional Chinese acupuncture which uses energy channels and can be used in conjunction with osteopathic treatment to reduce pain and improve muscle health.


Andy is also qualified in Kinesio taping techniques to complement and enhance his treatment and is trained in using ultrasound to improve healing time in his patients.


Andy has a sporting background having played rugby and cricket at county level and he has a keen interest in mountaineering, running and cycling which has led to his particular interest in the treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries.


Andy Hodgson

BOst Med., BSc. (Hons) Anatomical science

Registered with General Osteopathic Council and Member of the institute of osteopathy

Andy is a fully qualified and registered Osteopath, and completed a four year full time degree in Osteopathic medicine at the University College of Osteopathy (Formally the BSO)  in 2005, one of the leading Osteopathic institutes in the UK. Prior to this Andy gained a BSc Honours degree in Anatomy and Physiology at Bristol University. Andy became interested in becoming an Osteopath after receiving treatment for a lower back injury caused during a rugby match. After 18 months out from the sport and seeing various professionals, it was an Osteopath that finally enabled him to return to the game. It was this positive impact that Osteopathy had on Andy’s injury that made him want to be part of a profession aimed at changing and improving people’s health and wellbeing.


Since qualification, Andy has had 8 years’ experience working at one of the longest established private multidisciplinary clinics in Cheshire. From 2008-13 he also set up and jointly managed a successful osteopathic clinic in Sandbach, Cheshire.  In 2011 he then set up a large multidisciplinary practice in Bedworth, which allowed him to move to be near family. Over the past 17 years Andy has a great deal of experience in treating a variety of conditions ranging from the classic ‘bad back’ and neck pain to headaches, hip, knee, shoulder, ankle and foot problems and sports injuries.


He has undertaken further training in injury prevention for runners and triathletes, lower limb biomechanics, gait analysis (walking and running patterns) and the assessment and diagnosis of foot problems. He can provide strength and conditioning programs for injury rehabilitation and prevention, and advice about orthotic selection to best suit the patient’s needs. This aspect of Andy’s approach is especially useful when assessing lower back, hip, knee and foot conditions.

As part of his treatment plan, Andy assesses the lifestyle, posture and fitness of the individual in order to establish the causes of the problem. This enables him to maximise recovery in his patients through an individually tailored treatment and rehabilitation programme and to minimize the chance of the problem reoccurring.


Chris Glover

MOst Osteopathy

Chris Glover MOst Osteopathy.jpg

Chris has been working as an Osteopath since 2013 when he gained a Masters of Osteopathy (MOst) degree at the London School of Osteopathy.

With experience gained in clinics around the Midlands area, Chris has a particular interest in the management of migraines and headaches and has gained additional qualifications to support this.  He has also trained in the use of dry needling which he uses when appropriate, during his appointments. Chris has worked with a wide range of other disciplines including chiropractors, physiotherapists, sports massage therapists and podiatrists and his inquisitive mind is always asking questions and gaining knowledge from these other healthcare professionals.
Chris can definitely be described as a ‘people person’ and is keen to tailor a treatment to the individual while taking into account the aspects of a patient’s lifestyle that may be contributing to their condition. He believes that incorporating advice regarding these factors into an Osteopathic treatment, will provide further benefit. Chris then treats the condition using a range of techniques, advice and exercises aiming to prevent the condition returning. He values treating people from all walks of life with a wide array of conditions, and is confident when treating acute recent injuries or longer-term issues that need careful and considered management.

Outside of his career, Chris is married with 2 young children and enjoys playing tennis, running and going to the gym

Eleanor Fowler


Atherstone Active Therapy Clinic Eleanor

Eleanor Fowler

VTCT Level 4 Certificate - Sports Massage Therapy

Eleanor is a level 4 VTCT qualified sports massage therapist and a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists. Eleanor won the student of the year prize at Loughborough College where she qualified.


She is also trained in kinesiology taping and can perform spinal mobilisation techniques.


Eleanor has been running from a young age and still enjoys competing in distances from 5k to marathons. Over the years she has represented Warwickshire and the Midlands in cross-country as well as England at Masters level.


Eleanor has been Warwickshire champion over several distances on the road and British Masters W35 cross-country champion.


As a competitive athlete and with her professional experience, Eleanor understands the importance of keeping injury free and recommends that having regular sports massage is a vital component in injury prevention and in maintaining healthy muscle function

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